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Friday, June 25, 2010

We did it again!!! Happy guests!!

We had a gorgeous couple and his parents all from Singapore stay with us for 2 nights. She decided to stay with us because of the pics she saw of our breakfasts and the sunrise photos. Unfortunately the sunrise didn't deliver but we have no control over that, though they got to see whales at close quarters. They left saying this was the best place they had ever stayed at and they have traveled a great deal. This is the comment they left in the comment book.

'What an amazing place! Breathtaking views, cozy decor, attention to detail, wonderful breakfast and above all friendly people. Thank you for the wonderful stay! We will always remember this fantastic holiday and your wonderful accommodation. This place truly lives up to its name! A true HideAway Haven!!'

Thanks for staying with us :-)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Newsletter 21 June 2010

We are trying to visit as many attractions as possible in Albany and its surrounds so we can give you our view on some of the awesome attractions Albany has to offer.
We visited the Albany Marron Farm & Nippers Cafe and sampled their delicious food. Albany Marron Farm is located 23km east of Albany, Western Australia, along a scenic and picturesque drive that leads to Two Peoples Bay and Little Beach, our favourite beach in Albany. Two Peoples Bay is a nature reserve and home to the Gilberts Potoroo and Noisy Scrub Bird. It is the perfect position to enjoy the dramatic coastlines and outstanding bushwalks.

After the most delicious lunch we went to Little Beach and enjoyed the view. It was a perfect Autumn Day in Albany.

The Bushland Factory and Cafe
We visited an amazing attraction about 40km west of Albany. The Bushfood Factory and Café has a very varied menu. See previous blog

Albany Dolphin & Whale Cruises
Aboard Silver Star II
Whale information!

A note received today from Paul Guest
I thought you might like to see a couple of pics I sent to the west yesterday. We wont get front page but I do hope it creates a bit of interest from Perth.

The pics were taken Sunday we caught up with a couple of whales off bald head at about 10.10am
After we watched the first 2 disappear to the west we headed east to find more whales, I had been watching their blows as they approached us. With a couple of humpbacks swimming around the Silver Star I turned off the motors and lowered the underwater microphone, to hear faint whale songs.
Then off in the distance closer to Breaksea Island I spotted the first of the breaches. With the second breach soon after and the whales that were around us now moving off we headed to the breaching whale.
With the breaching over and the time now well past our planned return (12 noon) we headed off, but not before cheeking out a couple more whales further south, with possibly 30 dolphins swimming with them.
Folks whales should now be seen every cruise. We have several fishermen giving us the heads up.
Paul Albany Dolphin & Whale Cruises Aboard Silver Star II Ph 0428 42 9876

Cookery School in Melbourne

We are getting geared up for our trip to Melbourne. We are booked in at the Fare Italian Cookery School for the 'Pasta & Sauces' Cookery Class

‘Learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch and prepare several sauces to accompany the different types of pasta. Feast on an array of pasta dishes which may include gnocchi with homemade pesto, pumpkin filled ravioli with a burnt butter & sage sauce and homemade fettucine with a traditional ragu. Enjoy a hearty Saturday lunch with wine.’

As usual we have had some very special guests with us the past 2 weeks. John who celebrated his 50th birthday with his gorgeous girlfriend and his sister and partner he hadn’t seen in 18 months. We heard lots of laughter downstairs and they loved the Jacuzzi. As they booked 2 rooms we thought it was acceptable for them to have the whole haven for the night. So if you want a special night with friends, book just two rooms and consider the haven yours for the night (May – September) (long weekends excepted)

We were privileged to treat some very special accommodation providers from the Porongurups to a birthday night away from their accommodation. Shelley surprised Stan with a night out at HideAway Haven. They loved our cats, but Cody was not too happy about being picked up.
Poor Cody got into a fight with the neighbourhood feral cat and had to have major surgery

Our Italian Dinners are proving to be very popular. Our new Menu is

Italian Chicken, Fennel and Onion Risotto

Sardinian Pasta with pork and salami in a brandy tomato sauce

Chicken Cacciatore with herbed rice pilaf

Meatball Lasagne

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna

Prawns with angel hair pasta, feta and yoghurt (Saturday nights only)

All recipes made from the freshest ingredients and served with garlic bread and an Italian side salad.

HideAway Haven is proving to be a popular one night retreat for locals to escape and celebrate a birthday or anniversary. So make a booking and spoil that special someone in your life. Or ask about our gift vouchers.
News just to hand: Travellers viewed HideAway Haven 915 times last month on TripAdvisor * so check it out 

Till next time
Becki & Maggie
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

What an Experience!!


We visited an amazing attraction today about 40km west of Albany. The Bushfood Factory and Café has a very varied menu. We had the curries, tried the smoked kangaroo and you cannot leave without having the wattleseed icecream. I am looking forward to introducing some of their spices into our breakfast menus. This is what we bought today:

Mountain Pepper

An aroma like conventional pepper but with much more flavour. The berries contain a dye which adds a purple colour to the dishes. Check out this special effect in marinades, sauces, dressings or on the barbecue. The berries can be used in table grinders (Peppermills).

Bush Tomato

A flavour of concentrated sun-dried tomato and caramel, prickly and slightly bitter. Its use is very versatile, i.e. as sprinkle or seasoning for soups, sauces, marinades, meats, fish and cheese.

Wattleseed, roasted

A flavour of chocolate, coffee and hazelnut. Its application is very versatile and Wattleseed can be used in sweet and savoury dishes. Fabulous in desserts, dairy desserts, baked goods, sauces and marinades.

Wild Lime Syrup

An absolute must with a seafood platter. It may also be used in dressings, sauces and marinades or for flavouring desserts (a unique replacement for lime juice). I am going to try it in my vodka :-)

Wild Lime Chutney

Wild Lime contains 3 times as much vitamin C as an orange. This chutney has a deliciously strong lime flavour. Its bitter, intense and prickly taste makes a perfect match with fish and seafood.

Follow the link and go their website and find many different products. Can't wait to try them all!!

Wattleseed Icecream will definitely feauture as a dessert on our menus.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Wildflowers in Albany

Wildflowers are one of the best kept secrets of Albany. Of the 10,000 plant species, which naturally occur in Western Australia, over half are found throughout Albany and its surrounds.

They are easily discovered on walking trails or when wandering around the region.

The main wildflower season extends from August until December, with the peak flowering period usually between September and November.

Our wildflower season draws visitors from all over the world.

Bring your camera and wander over the sand dunes and against the most awesome and unique backdrop of the ocean, forest canopy in the Stirling Ranges and Porongurup’s shoot some of the most stunning and beautiful wildflowers in Western Australia.

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At the end of the day return to your luxury accommodation 'HideAway Haven', download your photos and experience the beauty and diversity of these amazing colourful creations.

These photos were taken when walking in the Mount Martin Regional Botanic Park

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Newsletter 6 June 2010

Wow what an awesome 2 weeks

We are becoming quite the socialites about town with our photos appearing in 2 separate Albany papers last week. One was our attendance at the Skål International Albany cocktail party and another one at the business after hours event at the Albany Investors Club.
I have been busy in the kitchen and have come up with some awesome recipes to serve our guests for dinner. We have now opened up our HideAway Haven Italian Kitchen with lots of Italian meals. Check out our blogspot for an up to date menu. I make all the pasta sauces from scratch and the dishes are full of flavour. Served with a fresh salad and garlic bread they represent awesome value. No need to decide on a skipper or find a restaurant. We are off to Melbourne in July to attend an Italian Cooking school and learn how to make our own pasta!!

We have added an extra table and chairs to the common room. This gives greater versatility when we have a full house. No need to share breakfast with strangers or squeeze around the same table. It also makes having dinner very cosy and intimate.

Blinds have been installed on the decks of Vista View and Tree Top. They cut out about 90% of the wind and rain. This will allow you to sit out on the deck and enjoy the views and birds in all kinds of weather. We have also bought a patio heater which lives on the common deck for the really cold nights.

We listen to our guests and continually strive to achieve the very best we can in ultimate luxury and indulgence.

Many of our guests are avid walkers/hikers so I thought I would showcase a couple of hikes in this newsletter

Bluff Knoll - Bluff Knoll, is listed as one of Australia's 25 best hikes.. It is the highest peak in the Stirling Range and indeed the whole southwest of Western Australia. With 360° views at the summit it offers ocean glimpses on a clear day. I can vouch for it this is a hike worth doing.
For more hikes in the Stirling ranges

Bald Head Walk - Torndirrup National Park near Albany
A strenuous 16 kilometre return walk over Isthmus Hill and Limestone Head, finishing at Bald Head, the most eastern point of the park. Bald Head can be seen from your deck at HideAway Haven. It offers great coastal views and is a good place for spotting whales. We have not quite made the entire return trip, but I can assure you that those have, sensed enormous achievement.

For more walking trails
Mt Martin Regional Botanic Park – this hike takes you from Ledge Beach over the hill to the other side of the Emu Point Channel. Not a difficult walk but the views are breathtaking and during the wildflower season it is just spectacular.

If you are planning a return visit to HideAway Haven and will be here on a Saturday check out the Farmers Markets: take home some local fresh produce. Or Sunday at the boatshed markets

Become a follower on our blog and keep up to date with all the latest that happens at HideAway Haven

We have been richly blessed by the many people we meet as luxury accommodation providers. You come as strangers and leave as friends. We express our sincere thanks to each one of you that has stayed with us. It has been a privilege to have you at HideAway Haven.