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Friday, November 5, 2010

What a Fun Filled Night at 'The Wild Duck'

Pork Belly with celeriac and apple puree, seared scallops & apple air

Red Lentil Dahl and onion bhaji with tomato fondue and a coriander salad 

Orange Sponge with chocolate ganache, orange jelly with orange air
chocolate delice with carrot ice cream, orange cream and cointreau gel

Adina's dessert of Fried Egg on Toast; meringue and mango,
toasted brioche, custard, cream and fresh fruit

Waffle with bacon and egg ice cream, caramelized banana
crispy bacon and maple syrup jelly

A licorice lovers delight!!
Licorice all-sort ice cream with orange licorice sand,
raspberry air and sambucca gel
(This was the first item on the dessert menu... I didn't look further)

When the lid was taken off the dam buster a huge cloud of steam escaped

Dam Buster
seafood chowder and a fish mouse dam served with seared scallops and grilled king prawns

Grilled Fish of the day on caramelised leek, fennel puree and peas
with an asparagus sauce ravioli
We have special friends staying with us this weekend.  Adina and Michael first stayed with us last year and this is their 3rd time at HideAway Haven.  We have all become very good friends.  Adina's parents are visiting from Romania and Michael's parent's are visiting from Adelaide. 

 It is Adina's Father and Micheal's Mother's birthday on Sunday and a stay at HideAway was part of a special gift for them.  

We had a lot of laughs tonight and enjoyed a gourmet style meal at 'The Wild Duck'.  The food served on our plate looked like paintings with the rim of plates its frame.  Glad we didn't have to wait as long as it took Rembrandt to do his portraits. The colours, shapes, textures and flavours were amazing.  There were so many surprises, like taking off the lid to my entree 'Dam Buster' and a huge cloud of steam escaping, or cutting the ravioli on Becki's Fish dish spilling out a beautiful asparagus sauce.  Adina's dessert of Fried Egg on toast reminded me of Martin Blunos's signature dish on Master Chef which looked like a boiled egg with toast soldiers, but was actually a dessert of vanilla ice-cream, pastry cream and mango coulis in an egg shell, served with shortbread. 

Service was smooth and unobtrusive, and there were some small surprises along the way such as an appetizer and a palate sensor (cleanser) between entrĂ©e and main.  We had such a laugh when Maureen thought it was a sensor ....all kinds of scenarios were thrown around.

When booking your stay at HideAway Haven we highly recommend a visit to 'The Wild Duck' for dinner.  Gourmet cooking and presentation taken to a whole new level.  Well Done Kristy & Andrew......your awards are all well deserved!!