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5 star luxury accommodation provider at HideAway Haven in Albany on the South Coast of Western Australia. Together with my partner we love making special memories for our guests.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Once Experienced - Never Forgotten

You don't have to travel far to experience the aromas and flavours  of Asia

Asian Steamboat Menu  
($150 per couple)

A traditional Asian steamboat consists of a simmering pot of stock at the centre of the table with platters of assorted meats and vegetables. With the use of a small basket food is dipped into the simmering broth, extracted and eaten with the dipping sauces, rice and noodles.
Your eyes will be treated to a vista of the freshest and most colourful food and your nose will be tantalised by the aroma of the steaming wok and your tastebuds will be captivated with the variety of taste and texture.

Asian Hummus with Pita Chips

Asian Steamboat with Marinated prawns, beef, pork and chicken; Tofu

Bok Choy, cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, baby corn, broccoli, snow peas, zucchini, yellow squash (seasonal from local suppliers) Authentic Asian Noodles, Rice Bowl Dipping Sauces: Sate, 'sweet & spicy' Thai seafood, Sweet & Sour, Honey &
Soy, Asian BBQ

Berry Meringue Parfait

Monday, October 11, 2010

Spend an Afternoon in the Jacuzzi

We thought the ultimate luxury was a Jacuzzi under the open skies and under a trillion stars.  Tonight the Haven stays empty so we treated ourselves to 5 o'clock wine time in the Jacuzzi.  This is the time when the birds come out to feed and play.

We were delighted to observe two devoted and very affectionate doves. One bird of the pair was sitting in a tree branch right above us and called out for its mate with a two-note call.  They were reunited and he greeted her  with very low, raspy coos. We watched as they cuddled with each other and exchanged very rapid light pecks around the neck and head while slightly shaking their wings. 

We watched the Finches, Parrots and Rosellas play in the trees and eating seeds.

The Jacuzzi has panoramic views of farmland, Emu Point and the Kalgan River. So spend the afternoon in the Jacuzzi and languish in peace and tranquility

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Who stays at HideAway Haven

Ask us about our Asian Steam Boat
Asian Steamboat Menu

Bacon & Egg Puffs
Filled with bacon, eggs, sun dried tomatoes, spring onions, feta and cheese
Chicken Lasagna Alfredo
We had a family of 3 sisters and their husbands from NSW stay with us for 2 nights. The accommodation was booked through Jetset Travel Hurstville. They were awarded "State Office of the Year" for 2009/2007.  Can't go wrong by recommending their clients to HideAway Haven

A couple travelled all the way from Perth to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  They enjoyed a romantic Italian Dinner in the common room.  HIdeAway Haven is the perfect place for that romantic getaway.

We have had business guests, in town for business and coming back to HideAway to relax at the end of a stressful day.  Hideaway Haven provides a way to escape the pressures of time and formality. Our relaxed, secluded environment provides a base for creativity and problem-solving.

Last week 4 sisters spent the night together.  The eldest sister was celebrating a special birthday. They came from Switzerland and over East for a weekend of celebrations and then spent a night here.  They enjoyed a steamboat dinner, Jacuzzi, movies and foot spa treatments.  A gourmet breakfast was waiting for them in the morning and they were joined by their mother.  HideAway Haven is completely independent and self contained with an equipped laundry, kitchen and a Jacuzzi under the open skies. . 

HideAway Haven is the place to stay for all occasions and any reason.  We offer offer superb 5 star accommodation, perfect for business trips, corporate relocations, adult family holidays or for that luxury overnight stay to celebrate a special occasion. All linen and a gourmet breakfast are provided

Book your room today at HideAway Haven

Monday, October 4, 2010

Dining out in Albany

As luxury accommodation providers, our aim is to give our guests the ultimate experience while in Albany.  We like to be able to recommend places to eat, so we are trying the many restaurants in Albany.
Tonight we headed off to the ‘new’ Rustlers Steak House. The minute we walked through the door we were immediately impressed by the gorgeous surroundings. Rustlers have chosen their colours wisely and used the space well of what used to be a Health Club.

Rustlers has a real rustic steak house feel
The stunning interior

Rustlers has an extensive wine list featuring local wines

16oz porterhouse steak with creamy garlic prawns

Deep Fried Jalapeño Peppers - yummy!!

Alkoomi Late Harvest Riesling - our favourite Wine

Herb Crusted Barramundi with Tempura Prawns

Tempura Bowl - Chilli Salted Squid, Crab Claws, Tempura and Battered Prawns

The owners have combined the art of communication, service and awesome presentation of the food to create the perfect dining experience.  The menu was extensive and catered for all tastes and includes vegetarian and a kids menuFor those of you that have dined there before you will be pleased to know that their menu of ‘man-sized’ sizzling steaks and local seafood has not changed. For those of you planning a trip to Albany put it on your list of places to eat while staying at HideAway Haven. Rustlers have been gold plate finalists from 2003 – 2007 and again in 2009. Great job Tammi, Dean and staff!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Is this true? - if the cows are lying down, the fish are not biting

Yesterday I was educated that when the cows are lying down, the fish are not biting.  Well even the horses were laying down yesterday.  Did that mean that the whales were also not out? Mutton Bird Island is a favourite fishing spot approx 16km from Albany. Main species that can be caught here are herring, skippy, rock species, whiting, salmon, silverbream, pike, flathead, shark, queen snapper and sampson fish. 
But yesterday the beaches and the rocks were empty and there was not a fisherman in sight.
Mutton Bird Island a favourite fishing spot - no fisherman to be seen
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