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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winners of 2011 ACCI Customer Service Business of the Year

 As winners of the 2011 Customer Service Business of Year at the recent ACCI business awards, we received not only return tickets to Perth on Skywest, but also a $1,000.00 advertising with 'The Weekender' who were sponsors of this award.  Here are the advertisements appearing in the paper.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

6 Things to Look for When Organising Corporate Accommodation

It doesn’t matter if you’re an employer or an employee organising corporate accommodation, it’s essential that you select something that is suitable. You need to consider things like location, travel efficiency, accommodation facilities and price. 

So, whether you’re looking for corporate accommodation in Albanyserviced apartments in Brisbane, or apartments in Sydney, or accommodation in any of Australia’s other main central business areas, what we shall cover below are 6 essential things you need to look for when deciding on appropriate corporate accommodation.

 1. Corporate Accommodation That’s Centralised 
When looking at accommodation for corporate travel, make sure that it’s located near to where employees will be working and near some local restaurants. 
Having accommodation that is centrally located will help cut down on travel time to and from places and it will be less stressful on those who are travelling in a foreign city and are not familiar with the roads. 
2. Sleep-Friendly Amenities and Policies 
Everyone knows that you work more efficiently and effectively when you have had a goodnight sleep. That’s why it is always good to find accommodation that has sleep-friendly amenities and policies that are tailored to corporate guests. 
A number of sleep amenities often provided for corporate guests include: comfortable beds and bedding, ear plugs and eye covers, blackout curtains and a range of soft pillow types for weary necks and backs. Some hotels also have strict policies in place, such as childfree floors and areas with noise restrictions. 
Another way you can ensure you book a quiet apartment is by booking a room that is not situated next to a lift and has sound proofed rooms. 
3. WIFI and Computer Access 
Having WIFI connection and computer access in the apartment can be really useful for communicating with colleagues across states and within the local area. Also, any documents that need to be hastily checked over before the next working day can easily be worked on and sent by email between employees.
 Having an extra computer can also be great for those who don’t wish to bring their own personal computer, or as a back up if anything does go wrong. 
When looking into computer access and WIFI connectivity, make sure you ask accommodation staff about costs, as some places charge for the privilege. 
4. Spacious Living 
It’s also good to look into corporate accommodation that’s has a spacious area to live and sleep in. Employees don’t want to feel like they’re living in a shoebox. 
Make sure apartments have ample desks and chairs, so that work and daily activities can be done comfortably and efficiently. Also, open areas with comfortable living rooms can also help employees relax after a busy working day and to not feel cooped up. 
5. Fully Serviced or Fully Equipped Apartments 
You also want to make sure apartments have a majority of the conveniences employees would have back at home. Many fully serviced apartments have daily cleaning and laundry services, as well as in-house restaurants and meal services, like continental breakfasts. This can help over-worked employees relax and cope with everyday living.
 However, some employees prefer to cook and clean for themselves at their own leisure. As such, consider looking at apartments that are fully equipped with their own laundry and kitchen facilities. 
6. Comparing Price and Getting Value for Money 
When organising corporate accommodation, shop around and ensure that you’re getting good quality accommodation for a reasonable price. Its important that employers create a good impression and look after their employees and finding respectable accommodation is one way you can do this. 
If multiple employees are needed to go on the business trip, also see if you can get a package deal or receive a discount for multiple bookings.

HideAway Haven in Albany on the South Coast of Western Australia is the perfect corporate accommodation.  With value and sleep quality consistently rated 5 on Trip Advisor, Complimentary Wireless Internet and no children policy, you can return here at the end of the day and soak in the Jacuzzi.  A spacious common room with amazing views and only the sounds of the birds is the perfect place to catch up on some work in the evening.

HideAway Haven, Luxury Accommodation in Albany is the perfect luxury accommodation for the Corporate or Business Traveller, Romantic Retreats, Honeymoons, Weekend Escapes, Couple Pamper Weekends, Babymoons, Girls GetAways, overseas travellers and Foodies

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Albany Oysters @ The Boatshed Markets

Rock Oysters are grown and cultured in the pristine unspoilt waters of the Southern Ocean, where industrial pollution is unheard of.  For the first time in four years, Albany’s oysters are hitting international markets direct from their Oyster Harbour racks, exporting to Singapore and Dubai

The Oyster House at Emu Point is currently the only producer of Sydney Rock Oysters in WA and can land their product in Asian markets within 24 hours of leaving Albany, with a shelf life of 7-10 days.

Fresh oysters from Ocean Food International can be found every Sunday morning at the Boat Shed Markets, open from 10 – 1pm.  Becki had the privilege of tasting an oyster shucked in front of her
We are fortunate to taste these oysters at the many events we attend.

Check out 5 spiced tempura oysters with lime and crispy shallots recipe from Albany’s celebrity chef Daniel Sharp.

When enjoying a weekend GetAway at HideAway Haven, head to the Boatshed Markets, pick up some oysters and cook them up in our fully equipped kitchen.

HideAway Haven, Luxury Accommodation in Albany is the perfect luxury accommodation for the Corporate or Business Traveller, Romantic Retreats, Honeymoons, Weekend Escapes, Couple Pamper Weekends, Babymoons, Girls GetAways, overseas travellers and Foodies

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Why is change needed?

Loved the photos that came with the story.

Escape to HideAway Haven for a weekend escape and start the change.

HideAway Haven, Luxury Accommodation in Albany is the perfect luxury accommodation for the Corporate or Business Traveller, Romantic Retreats, Honeymoons, Weekend Escapes, Couple Pamper Weekends, Babymoons, Girls GetAways, overseas travellers and Foodies

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Haven for Outstanding Service

This article was written by Denise Smithson from Smithson Media and published in the October edition of the Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry's newsletter.

It is so awesome to be interviewed by journalists and see our name in print. We added our own photos.

Luxury accommodation provider HideAway Haven's outstanding customer service was acknowledged at the 2011 Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Awards.

Operated by Becki Shaver and Maggie van Santen, HideAway Haven in Bayonet Head received a flood of nominations for the ACCI Albany and Great Southern Weekender Customer Service Business of the Year Award.

Take a step inside HideAway Haven and it is not hard to see why their guests rave about their experience - everything has been thought of to make their stay memorable.
"We believe we won because of our high standards, our friendliness, and being able to anticipate what guests want but also the fact we give more than this place," Maggie said. "We give an overall experience so that our guests' stay in Albany is fantastic which is why we go out and try restaurants, and experience tourist venues, blog about them and write them up in our newsletter." "That is why when people leave they think we've done a great job because they don't have to spend the first two hours at the visitor centre looking for where to eat and places to go."

According to Becki, HideAway Haven delivers what they market - outstanding luxury accommodation. "When people go to our website and then see their rooms when they arrive - they say the pictures don't do them justice, and that they are more than what they expected," she said. "I think that we provide the perfect environment, an atmosphere of harmony through the use of colours and being surrounded by the bush."

Each of HideAway Haven's three bedrooms has luxurious beds, ensuite and a private deck with views. In addition to room amenities, HideAway Haven offers a common room with a fully equipped kitchen with fridge/freezer. microwave and cookware.
But it is the Jacuzzi that sits on the common deck under the open sky that separates HideAway Haven from its competition - and that is clearly a hit with guests - just read some of their testimonials.

That combined with HideAway Haven's homemade gourmet breakfasts using fresh, local produce and the availability of evening meals utilising the culinary skills of Maggie and Becki, which top off the experience for guests.

While acknowledging entering the ACCI business awards was a lot of work, Maggie said it was an opportunity to revisit their business plan. "We realised what we had done, and it gave us more ideas to put into action," she said.

"It is a lot of work, running HideAway Haven because we really are on-call 24/7 - so winning the award gave us a big boost and incentive to keep the customer focus at the centre of what we do," Maggie said.

"We get a buzz when we get beautiful write-ups in our guest book or great feedback. That lets us know we are serving a purpose and providing something positive that makes us feel it is all worthwhile," Becki said.

"It is all positive reinforcement that we are on our way-there is still more we can do and more challenges. We can always get better and always get out there more.  You get one customer service award but to get the next one you have got to be even better.  We will continue to go the extra mile for our guests to ensure they have a wonderful experience here," Maggie said.

It's the little touches that make the difference

Vista View

Our 2011 Awards on the wall

HideAway Haven, Luxury Accommodation in Albany is the perfect luxury accommodation for the Corporate or Business Traveller, Romantic Retreats, Honeymoons, Weekend Escapes, Couple Pamper Weekends, Babymoons, Girls GetAways, overseas travellers and Foodies

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

4 Tips to Plan the Perfect Holiday

This article provides some handy tips on what to do and what to look for when organising holiday accommodation in Australia.

Accommodation can make or break a holiday. Bad accommodation decisions can end up with you staying in a tiny box, paying too much, or being a light year away from most tourist attractions.
So, whether you are looking for luxury accommodation in Albany while enjoying the many beaches,  Ballarat accommodation, whilst you are panning for gold with the family, or for a Melbourne hotel that is close to your planned Melbourne tour, it’s important that you’re wise in your choice of accommodation.
To help you with your accommodation decisions, here are four essential tips

Tip 1: Suiting Your Budget
One of the most important things to consider when looking at holiday accommodation is if it suits your budget. How much can you afford to spend? What is the cost of the accommodation per night? Or per week?
 You don’t want to spend all your money on accommodation and leave yourselves short of money. Remember, that you still have to have money to spend on other things, like food, travel expenses, wine, entry fees to tourist attractions and souvenirs!
 Shop around and look at a variety of accommodation types in the area and compare their prices. Also, compare the facilities of each accommodation. There is no point in paying extra for an onsite gym and pool if your have no intentions of using it. But if you love a Jacuzzi and a gourmet breakfast make sure it is included in the tariff. It is at HideAway Haven.
 One way you can save money on accommodation is by booking online and snapping up special deals or packages. Check out the packages at HideAway Haven

Tip 2: Meeting Your Needs 
Make sure your accommodation meets your needs. What is the driving force behind your holiday? Is it a romantic get away? Is it the annual family vacation? Is it your attempts at bonding with nature? Is it a girls weekend? Or a babymoon? The purpose behind your holiday will determine the type of accommodation you’re after, whether it be a luxury hotel, a bed and breakfast, an apartment or a camping ground!
 Consider the size of your family or those who will be sharing the accommodation with you. If you have kids, you may want to invest in accommodation that has entertainment facilities, like a TV and DVD player (to keep them quiet in those times when you’re not out exploring). If you are bringing your dog along, you might want to invest in pet-friendly accommodation.

Tip 3: Location, Location, Location 
Like with real estate, location is everything with accommodation. There is no point staying in accommodation that is miles and miles away from all the sites you want to see and all the activities you want to do. You don’t want to waste all your holiday time travelling between tourist attractions and your accommodation.
 When deciding on accommodation, try and choose a place that is centralised amongst all your planned holiday activities. 

Tip 4: Booking Early 
To ensure that you get the accommodation that is perfect for you (and not being forced to settle for something less than desirable) make sure you book well in advance! Depending on your destination, some holiday accommodations can be booked up months in advance! As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Planning the Perfect Trip

If you’re planning a holiday, you want to try and squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of it. These tips will show you how!

Whenever we start preparing for a holiday, a fair bit of work goes into making it ‘perfect’. A holiday is such a rare treat for most of us that we want to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of it, and whether you’re planning a Fiji holiday , a backpacking adventure to Thailand, or whale watching in Albany, we’ve got a few tips that will help you do just that!

Part of planning the perfect trip is budgeting so that you’ll have enough money to last you, and so that funds aren’t going to be an issue. Wherever you’re going, figure out what you want to see, do, eat and of course where you want to stay. Decide on the type of trip you want to have before you start planning your budget, and then you can get a realistic idea of what you’ll need to spend to achieve it. Be generous with your predicted spend-per-day, because we all know that unforeseen expenses can arise and that little voice inside your head telling you to splurge gets mighty loud while you’re on holiday!


Part of having a ‘perfect’ holiday, ironically enough, is accepting that however meticulously you plan it some things will veer off course. That’s part of the fun in travelling, and accepting that plans change and things go wrong and there is no such thing as perfection? Well, those are pretty decent ways to have a brilliant time. Having said this, a good itinerary is a great way to make sure you see and do everything that you wanted to do.

Researching the big attractions and landmarks and figuring out where you want to go (before you get there) is a big bonus, as it lets you prioritise. Make sure you don’t book up every minute of spare time, however—those little spur-of-the-moment tours and day trips can be the highlights of the whole trip!


Whether you are in Vietnam hotels, Canadian cabins or Albany's HideAway Haven, the thing that will have the biggest impact of your enjoyment of your accommodation is whether or not you go value for money. If you paid $5 per night for a hostel in South America and you discover the mattress is uncomfortable it’s an annoyance, but at the end of the day you know that you still got a bed for $5!

Similarly, if the mattress is uncomfortable in a 5 star hotel you paid through the nose for, you’re going to be a lot angrier and it’s going to have much more of an impact on your trip. The key to happiness when travelling is managing your expectations. Make sure that you do your research and get value for money when buying anything. It’s not so much a question of how much it costs when it comes to accommodation, but how much it is worth.

Travel is the spice of life, and there is nothing better than returning from a trip and knowing you’ve had a truly amazing holiday. While there may not be any such thing as a perfect holiday, you can come pretty darn close. Bon Voyage!

HideAway Haven, Luxury Accommodation in Albany is the perfect luxury accommodation for the Corporate or Business Traveller, Romantic Retreats, Honeymoons, Weekend Escapes, Couple Pamper Weekends, Babymoons, Girls GetAways, overseas travellers and Foodies

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HideAway Hostesses @ Joop Thai in Albany

As luxury accommodation providers we give our guests the ultimate service during their stay with us. That is why we were winners in the 2011 ACCI Customer Service Business Award. Many guests ask us to recommend a restaurant. We don't like recommending if we haven't eaten there and can recommend with confidence, so headed off to Joop Thai. Joop Thai is a newly opened Thai restaurant in Albany.

Wow what can we say!! Thai cuisine is known for its balance of flavours and its use of fresh herbs and spices and Joop Thai gets 10/10 from us for flavour, presentation and service. The aromas coming from the kitchen were amazing.  We were with a group of 10 and they all gave 10/10.  Our waitress knew the menu and specials inside and out. The meals are so generous and but we were too full to try the amazing dessert menu. Apparently they don't sell many. Joop Thai is BYO and they do not charge a corkage fee. They are open from 5 - 9 Tuesday to Sunday and also serve Take-a-Way.  In a very short time Joop Thai has become a very popular place to dine.

HideAway Haven, Luxury Accommodation in Albany is the perfect luxury accommodation for the Corporate or Business Traveller, Romantic Retreats, Honeymoons, Weekend Escapes, Couple Pamper Weekends, Babymoons, Girls GetAways, overseas travellers and Foodies

 HideAway Haven ~ Happiness and Harmony Happen Here

Monday, September 26, 2011

HideAway Hostesses playing in Fremantle

We spent a night in Fremantle last week. We stay at the Platinum Suites, which overlooked the Fremantle Marina. On our arrival we were warmly welcomed by Vicki, who admitted she was nervous having luxury accommodation providers staying with her. Platinum Suites is conventiently located on South Street and has all the conveniences necessary for a corporate stay, including free WiFi an absolute must for us.

We went to The Red Herring for dinner. Set over the glistening waters of the Swan River, the exquisitely designed surrounds exude style, elegance and magnificence. The night lights reflected on the water and we watched the boats come and go.

We had a very friendly, helpful waiter who was able to recommend dishes and wine.

It was nice to get away and spend some time together and have others wait on us instead.

We enjoyed Beer Battered Fresh Bronze Whaler Fillets,

Risotto Milanese –sauteed wild mushrooms and saffrom acidulated butter

Grilled Garlic Prawns   

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fresh Flowers lower levels of anxiety and depression

Fresh flowers are one of the best ways to brighten up anyone's day. From a simple bouquet to an ornate, elaborate arrangement, fresh flowers have many benefits, from providing a mental health boost to boasting positive physical components. Flowers bring about positive, happy emotions and a general sense of well-being about life. These feelings extend beyond what most people normally deem as an acceptable reaction to the presence of flowers. Flowers have healing properties. For example, roses are used extensively in the alternative medicine area for their ability to ease digestive issues and promote healing in the liver. Fresh flowers also have an impact on your mental health. Studies have shown that people have lower levels of anxiety and depression upon viewing fresh flowers, particularly in the morning. The study further shows that those women who keep fresh flowers in their homes regularly feel happier and much less anxious. 
After visiting The Netherlands, I imagine that most women feel happier and less anxious that us Aussies, that there is much lower levels of anxiety and depression J.  The Netherlands showcase their flowers beautifully and the markets are full of colour.
If we could purchase these flowers and at these prices, HideAway Haven rooms would be full of fresh flowers every day.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

HideAway Hostesses @ Madame Tussaud

Out and about in Amsterdam and promoting our gorgeous town in Albany, HideAway Haven hostesses posed with the rich and famous, waving the 'flag' for Albany.  "Are you in the mood?" to help us promote Albany?  My daughter was more than happy to pose for our "Are you in the mood?" photos's