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5 star luxury accommodation provider at HideAway Haven in Albany on the South Coast of Western Australia. Together with my partner we love making special memories for our guests.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Adventure and Exploration, Indulgence and Comfort

Adventure and exploration, indulgence and comfort don’t usually go hand in hand
But Hideaway Haven has bridged that gap; we have the perfect package planned
Along with our friends at Out of Sight we offer a luxury stay and eco-tour
Mornings and nights full of gourmet food while during the day you’re free to explore
Off-road with a guide to the coastal cliffs and enjoy the most peaceful of beaches
Albany’s wonderful natural habitats are guaranteed to leave you speechless
A Jacuzzi and dinner will be the perfect end to cap off your adventuresome day
HideAway Haven and Out of Sight Tours are excited to host your getaway

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Take a bold step and discover the magic

Food enthusiasts and wine aficionados alike
Are sure to enjoy this fusion package of culinary delight

From picking fresh fruit and tasting local wine, to learning from a celebrity chef whose cooking is divine.
Traipse through Australia’s largest exotic flowerbed
shop the produce markets and gather goodies for dinner’s spread

 Albany offers such beautiful scenery and palette pleasing treats
what better way to spend your vacation- indulging on the areas most delectable eats

Don’t hesitate, a gourmet breakfast and Jacuzzi awaits
give us a call today and we'll reserve your dates

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pamper yourselves with our Get-Away for couples

Love’s a funny thing you know, it can’t always be explained
Feelings intensely overtake you; emotions go unrestrained
Somewhere down the line sometimes, though those feelings never die
Time gets spent on other things and relationships are pushed aside.

We extend an invitation to you and your significant other
To relax and spend time rekindling the love that first drew you to one another
Our couples’ romantic weekend package is the perfect getaway
So come celebrate your love at our beautiful


For more details on our Couples Romantic Pamper Weekend 

The HideAway Haven Babymoon Pamper Package was designed with expecting parents in mind.

Soon to greet you, your newborn child
Arms wide open, full of giggles and smiles
What a wonderful new journey for parents to be
A heart full of joy is what you can foresee.

With such joy comes the task of child rearing
Things that’ll exhaust you, things you may be fearing
Sleepless nights filled with cries and tears
Midnight feedings and infections in ears
Bottles and blankets, diapers and wipes
Laundry & dishes seems like there’s no end in sight

Before you enter or re-enter this wonderful time
A pamper package would be simply sublime
A couple of days to slow down and unwind
To pamper your body and relax your mind
A two night Babymoon to commemorate the occasion
Come be a guest at our Hideaway Haven

For more details go to BabyMoon @ HideAway

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Delicious Bite of Heaven

Of all the food crazes of recent years, are macarons worth the hype? I think they are. They are delicious bites of heaven. 

The crisp, rainbow-bright shell that cracks at the faintest bite, that soft, delicately chewy, nutty interior and the silky smooth ganache and French butter cream which sandwiches the two halves together is heaven in your mouth.

Lemon flavour

Rosewater flavour

Mint Flavour

patience, precision and a steady hand

I don’t really enjoy baking, but the art of making a macaron had me intrigued. Louise Everett from TheGardener’s Kitchen held a macaron making class yesterday that I attended. Making them was not half as difficult as I thought it would be. It does need a fair amount of patience and precision, which is not the kind of cook I am normally. Practice makes perfect and I intend to get this one perfect.

HideAway Haven guests you are in for a treat.

The Lemon Macarons I made.....YUMMY!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Feline Hosts

CK (Calvin Klein) and Cody love being able to welcome our guests when they arrive.  They also love greeting them at the end of the day when they return back after a full day of sightseeing.

 Thanks Hannah from Everlasting Images.  You captured their personalities perfectly.

Outdoors @ HideAway Haven

The day of our outdoor photography shoot  was clear and sunny...perfect day for photos.  Thanks to for her awesome photography.

We really do have an awesome HideAway, tucked away in the bush just minutes from Albany