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Monday, July 26, 2010

Authentic Italian Cuisine

What is Authentic Italian Cooking?

I thought typical Italian cuisine consisted of Spaghetti, Lasagne and Pizza. But while we travelled through Italy I realised that the only thing typical in Italian Cuisine was the small cups of coffee. Each region, community and valley in Italy has its own style of cooking. Every where you travel through Italy there are unique ways of making cheese, wine and bread. Everyone has their own distinctive way of making pasta sauces. Pasta is another example of the diversity of Italian recipes with soft egg noodles in the north, hard-boiled spaghetti in the south, with every imaginable variation in size, shape and colour.

We have our own 'Authentic Italian Kitchen' at HideAway Haven. We travelled to Melbourne recently and attended a cookery school. We learnt how to make fresh pasta & gnocchi from scratch and prepared several sauces to accompany the different types of pasta. It was an awesome hands on experience learning how to make the dough, roll and cut to create an array of pasta, both long and filled. Dishes we prepared were gnocchi with homemade pesto, Rotolo with Roast Pumpkin Filling topped with Salsa di Pomodoro and homemade fettuccine with a traditional ragu. We enjoyed a hearty Italian feast on completion with what we created and enjoyed some local wine. It was a fun filled day with lots of laughs.

The gnocchi was melt in your mouth and the fresh pasta we made was so light and tasty. We will never buy store bought pasta again. We have now bought a pasta machine and all our pasta will now be home made.

If you are planning an escape to HideAway Haven try out some of new dinners. Dinners are available only on Saturday nights and by prior booking only.

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