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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Some Entries from Sammie Jo's Diary

December 2, 2015

Yay summer is here, no more muddy feet and tail for me. I have been staying away again, this wild thing keeps calling me. I think I heard Mummy calling me yesterday afternoon, but I was too tired to get up as I had been up for the last 2 nights.

I came home this morning and woke everyone up at 5am by bouncing on the deck. The noise carries all the way around the house. I was rewarded with 2 bottles of milk and I looked after Josie for a couple of hours so Mummy could do some gardening.

Mummy was sitting out the back with Josie and me at about 7:15 and she heard footsteps on the deck outside the front door. She went to check it out and there was a huge male kangaroo standing there. I did tell him that if wanted to date me, he needed to ask Mummy first if it was OK. So proud of him that he came to the front door. He saw Mummy and took off down the driveway, slipping and then falling on the loose gravel. That was not the plan. He raced down the hill and flew over the fence and Joslyn saw him take off into the distance.

Auntie Pauline did try to warn Mummy that a male kangaroo would find me and he has. Stay tuned for more adventures.

November 29, 2015

The call of the wild called me again and I left home to answer it. It was my third morning in the wild when I hear my Mummy calling me. She had come looking for me, climbing over electric fences and gates, walking through creeks and past some rather friendly cows. So I answered my Mummy with my call. She sounded so excited to hear me. We couldn't see each other yet, but we kept calling to each other. Finally Mummy saw me and climbed over a fence through a creek bed and over another fence. 'Sammie Jo' she said 'how am I going to get you home?' I didn't go straight to her for cuddles coz I needed to show her the way home. I led the way and showed how to get over a fence (non electric) and through the paddocks till we were close to home. Then we had our cuddles and I held Mummy's hand till we got home. I had a yummy bottle of warm milk and Joslyn removed all my ticks. I have stayed close to home and am getting lots of night time cuddles now. Not sure what I was thinking!! I am helping out by taking care of Josie when she is outside, enjoying my bottles and snacks and of course lots of attention.

Auntie Pauline from Dreamers Dream Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is always a such a huge support and comfort to my Mummies when they worry about me. Mummy knows I might find a mob I will want to stay with one day and I know she understands that. I know she will always be there when I need her. Auntie Pauline tells Mummy she has done a fantastic job of raising me but now I need to decide now where I want to live.

November 21, 2015

I gave my Mummy's quite a scare during the last week. Last week I stayed out for 2 nights and a whole day and this week I stayed away for 3 nights and 2 days. The call of the wild was calling and I went off to do what big kangaroos do. I know Mummy understands, but she loves me and worries about me. So I came back to reassure her that I am fine. It was nice to get a few bottles again, some cuddles and hugs and a nice long undisturbed sleep. Josie was really happy to see me again as well. I know Mummy will worry tonight as I head off answering the call of the wild, but I am a wild animal and need to do what wild animals do.


November 2, 2015

This being a big sister is work!! Yesterday Mummy took me and Josie down the hill for about an hour. It was beautiful and peaceful, with just the sounds of the birds. We spent time grazing and resting in the filtered sunlight. When it was time to go back up the top, Josie took off. Mummy hoped she would follow, but she didn't and raced into the bush. Mummy couldn't find her anywhere. She looked over the fence and saw me in the distance, she didn't realise that I was keeping an eye on Josie. The undergrowth is quite high and Josie is just a little girl. After about 15 mins of joey sitting, Mummy came walking towards me. She breathed a sigh of relief as she saw Josie. Josie got ready to run away again, so I pushed my nose into her backside and pushed her towards home, but she raced off again. She flew up and down the track having great fun. I kept an eye on her to make sure she stayed safe. Then she raced off and came back on a different track and Mummy scooped her up in the bag. I didn't see her come back and when I couldn't see her anymore I thundered up the track ready to bring her home. But I couldn't see her anywhere, I looked and stretched out my neck as far as I could, standing on my tip toes. (I'm pretty big when I do that) but couldn't see her. Then Mummy walked towards me to show me that Josie was safely in her bag. Then it was my turn, I danced and flew up and down the track, I love those times.

Mummy was so happy and proud of me that I got some extra special treats and a huge long cuddle on her lap.
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