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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our First 'The HideAway Infusion' Weekend

What happens when you mix great people with exquisite food in a very special spot

We have been anxiously waiting for our first 'The HideAway Infusion' weekend.   The HideAway Infusion is a day spent with Albany's very own celebrity chef, Daniel Sharp visiting the local farmers markets and touring local producers purchasing food for an amazing dining experience in the main kitchen of HideAway Haven..

We were asked by the WA Club to donate a 'The HideAway Infusion' together with 3 nights accommodation for their May promotion. They were promoting the regions of Albany and Denmark to their members. Jill and Brian were the lucky winners.

Saturday morning Daniel arrived to pick up our guests and they headed down to the local farmers market. It was a cold blustery day but as usual the atmosphere at the markets was exciting. We bought most of the ingredients for our evening meal and Daniel then took Jill and Brian to several local producers and visited Pepper and Salt Restaurant in Denmark for lunch.

During the evening Daniel delighted us with his passion for local produce during an interactive cooking experience and a delicious dinner.

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