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Monday, September 28, 2015

Coffee Pod vs Freshly Brewed Coffee

Are Coffee Pods an Environmental Risk?

Many of our younger guests comment that they would have loved the use of a coffee pod machine during their stay with us. We provide an unlimited supply of Naked Bean Coffee with plungers, espresso machine and a drip filter machine.

As an environmentally sustainable accommodation, HideAway Haven does not offer a coffee pod machine for our guests. Coffee pods, made from plastic and foil, do not degrade and cannot be recycled, clogging landfill sites instead.

The inventor of the American version of the coffee capsule has admitted he “sometimes feels bad” about what he did – and fears for what his creation is doing to the environment.

There is little to no transparency as to where beans are sourced, so we can not be assured that the coffee is sustainably produced.

Pod coffee is not fresh. Fresh coffee is ground right before brewing. Not ground and then nitrogen-flushed in plastic containers.

Though some pods (5%) are partly recyclable we would need to take the time to separate the lid, remove the paper filter, and compost the grounds. Recycling facilities are struggling with the cups falling through sorting grates as they are so small, and still end up as land fill.

As the pod is “cooked” along with the coffee, there are potential health concerns.

A great cup of coffee has approx 20gms of coffee, coffee pods have around 5gm. Pod coffee is twice as expensive as Naked Bean Coffee.

Based on our research HideAway Haven will not offer a coffee pod machine.  If you are not sure on how to use our plungers please ask and we will happily make the coffee for you.
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